I Am Sober - Sobriety Counter Recenzje App


I only have praise for this app and a few recommendations for future versions. The interface is simple and elegant. Looking to see how much I’ve saved is a great motivator along with the daily message and the milestones! I agree with another reviewer that multiple notifications would be a nice feature. For me it would be one in the am and then another in the evening to help keep me on track. I’m at my two month mark and wishing that there were more milestones or the option to have weekly milestones even after 2 months, 3 months and so on. Maybe I won’t need them, but it’s great looking back at my photos as a reminder of where I was and where I am! Another idea would be to have a photo album of milestones that you could view versus having to select each one individually. That or enable the ability to swipe between milestones and their photos. Thanks for making this!!

A must for recovery

I give the app six stars. Unlike other sober day counters with tons of distracting ads, this app is clean, minimalistic, with great features like a daily pledge, motivational quote, and milestone counter. I set it to remind me every morning to “make a pledge”. It helped me customize my addiction and reflect my own “why”. It really has helped me stay on track and motivated. I highly recommend it.

love it

this app is simple but extremely effective! i think it’s great that it tracks different aspects of addictions (like cost). i think one improvement would be to add more spaces for chips because i have more than 5 things that i want to keep track of / stay sober from.

Live Sober

This App makes staying sober just one more day, worth the effort. You see your days sober and how much money you saved. I hope they add approximate calories not consumed in the future.


The motivational text message was actually really helpful. I’m grateful.

No AA meetings listed.

The core of the program. Needs to have AA schedules available and usable.

Life is good

Keeps things simple.


Beautiful and simple

Top app

For addictive personalities

Great app

Love the app and the inspiration it gives me, it is awesome to track my recovery and my goals!!!

Simple elegant excellent

Love the layout and the motivational options

Nice tool

I really like the quick thought for the day, it jars me out of my routine and helps me remember my primary purpose.

My rehab and sobriety

I love the motivational quotes and the encouragement they really really help to keep my spirit lifted

Great app

I dig the app and its features. Only thing I would suggest if having multiple notification in one day. Like one in the morning and another one at a time where temptation would be at its highest

Need more counters

Everything looks great but I would like to track more than one thing at a time.


I like this app. I appreciate the counter, the money saved tracker, and the motivations. Thanks so much!

Great app, would recommend one improvement

I love this app, it's one of the most visually pleasing sobriety apps and I love the counter, milestones and quotes. I just wish there was the ability to have multiple counters for multiple habits! I have to have 2 sober apps on my phone because I am tracking 2 different habits. If this app had multiple counters I would use this one exclusively! Please consider for a future update!

Perfect for me

Great app! I'm newly sober and I really appreciated the motivational reminders throughout the day. They were not cheesy or overdone. This app is perfect for what I personally am needing.

Saving my life

This app helps to put me on the right track. Makes me proud of what I'm doing. Thanks guys !

I love this!

I love this app! I love the daily motivation, the savings tracker and counter! It's a constant reminder of how far you've come!

This app helps a lot. Thanks.

This is a great app. Just wish there was more to it.


Great app...I especially love the daily motivation quotes! I often set this alarm for when I start my day at work so it sets the tone for my day. The only thing I would update is being able to add multiple substances you're getting sober from. For example, I currently have my app set for how long I've been sober from alcohol but being to add another substance like cigarettes or whatever would be helpful. I have tried others that allow other substances but this is my favorite by far!

Great app!

I absolutely love the motivational quotes

Great app

Love this app. Easy to use and has some fun ways to look at your progress!


I like the counter and showing how much money I have saved.

Customized motivations

I like this app a lot. Bt it would be great to be able to list why You quit (hangovers exacerbate my depression and anxiety disorders, i have to leave my car parked at bars on a weeknight, it makes my skin look sallow and unhealthy). To be reminded of personal reasons would be so helpful.

Still no notifications

No badge, no notification....too bad :/

Better quotes

I love this app but I think the should put better motivational quotes


As I work to lose weight it is good to have a cheering squad in my phone helping me to press on.

AA++++ great app.

All around awsome app. Really a big part of my sobriety. Well worth the download.

Its perfect!

I'm terrible with remembering dates and this is a perfect little thing to keep track of sober dates. Its like having an AA chip on your iPhone!

Get the app

Very good motivation

Love this app with one request

I love this app, the milestones, and the motivation. My only request would be to allow the app to be locked for privacy.

Love this app but....

I love this app but, I just wish it had more like NA or AA motivational quotes! Or more quotes saying how not to give up or today you are going to have an amazing day or remember why your doing this quotes!

Awesome app

Very useful.

I love it

Great functionality and keeps me motivated to stay sober. Even if I fail I go back to the app and start over. It really makes a difference in keeping me aware of my patterns. I appreciate this app so much it's probably saving my life.

It's pretty good

It could use a separation of category dates. Say you quit cocaine and ecstasy in '05, Meth in 2012, and smoking and drinking New Year's Day. Granted, the sober part only begins when you abstain from "mind altering substances" it would be nice to know how much you saved. There is no sobriety from cigarettes as after you have smoked more than five or six, you not longer get buzzed. Sex addiction could also be argued because human beings have to have sex. Several times daily would be advised. It's like saying you're addicted to water.

Really great

First review I've ever left on an app ... if that says anything.

Counting app, but.....

It's a good app for counting sober time. However, the "motivational" messages that pop up are not in line with the program of sobriety that I experience. The messages have a distinctly "me against the world" tone that has become disappointing and even disturbing at times. The message a few days ago included an emoticon giving the finger to everyone who thought we couldn't get sober. Seriously. So I can't have this on my phone. My program is not me against the world.


Love the motivational quotes!

Best sobriety app

Love the daily quotes great way to start my day To all that are fighting this disease remember Wake Up Get Up Never Give Up

Thank you

I like this ap a lot! I think add more make it more! I love the daily motivation.

App has become a useful tool as a newly sober person.

This nifty app has become a daily reference and calendar for the first month of my sobriety. Easy to use, and the daily motivational quotes can be humorous. If I were you, I'd try it.

Love the inspiration quotes!


Excellent App

I love the daily message of inspiration I get a 12pm

Great update

The new motivation screen is just what I wanted!

Best app for sobriety counting

Only thing I would recommend adding to this app is like how much money we've saved let us know what the most expensive car, or jeweler or gold bar or whatever that we could have bought instead of dope or alcohol.

Love This App!

I Love how it sends you Kudos when you hit a milestone for your sobriety! It's a fantastic app to remind one of your daily accomplishment. When you open it, it tells you immediately exactly what you want to know! No going to fetch for info! Love it!!!!

I like it!

Really nice to see the progress I've made and money I'm saving.

Simple, easy to use app to stay on track

I've tried a few apps for keeping track of sobriety and I like this the best. Simple, loads quickly and easy to use.

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