I Am Sober - Sobriety Counter Recenzje App

Money for motivation?

I like the app, I think it’s clean and helpful, however, one thing I noticed bothered me. You’re charging people for motivation packs? I probably shouldn’t be complaining about this because the easiest loophole would to just search up motivational quotes online but still...just seems kind of odd you’re looking to charge consumers for motivation packs when they’re looking to get better. The motivation helps, does it really hurt to just copy and paste motivation from the internet onto the app? You can cite your sources and everything.

Helps me out a lot!

I love the daily motivation cards! I love that they have different card packs to buy, but I wish they had more, I own almost all of them! I wish they had some fun & sarcastic card decks to buy. I really do like that you can add your own activity of what you did that day to stay sober, so if you do something other than what they have listed you can still add it & it counts towards your daily activities. I just wish it had a counter for the amount of money you’ve saved since quitting, it has one for the amount of time you have saved since quitting plus the complete amount time you have sober.

Almost Perfect

Awesome App that has really helped in my sobriety. The only thing that’s missing is the ability to add a milestone picture from your camera roll. That would complete the entire app.

Great addition to my program

Having this App remind you everyday to stay on track is definitely motivation to stay sober. It compliments all the other steps needed daily to stay clean

Update the meetings!!

0 for 2 on meetings/locations Very annoying Bith hadn’t happened at stated locations for over 2 years. Saying the serenity prayer over and over

in app purchases

I can't stand that such a great sobriety app charges you in app purchases for daily motivation packs. Like staying sober isn't hard enough and most of us addicts are broke anyway.


This app is easy & motivating. Thank you whoever made this!

Yes please !

Easy, fun, inspiring, encouraging and simple ! One day at a time 🤗🎉💕

Love this app!

It just keeps getting better and better. Adding a widget to put it in the Notification Center would up the ante even more. Is there a way we can donate to you? I bought the motivation packs, but I don’t feel that’s enough. Keep it up! You’ve helped me and I suggest this app to everyone I know.


Really neat app. It helps, motivates you to stay sober.

So far so good

I like the app so far and the daily motivation.

So worth it!

This is very crucial for anyone who is starting their journey or has been sober. Great quotes of the day. It’s beautifully done.

Life Saver

This app is perfect. It serves to help keep me be accountable. It checks in with me in the morning and evening with positive reinforcement. Design ed with what is most useful and not cluttered. I love it.

Thank you so much!

I’m so grateful I downloaded this app the day after I began my sobriety. I make a pledge daily, then it is followed by a beautiful motivational quote. I look forward to logging the details of my day by the end of every day. It’s helpful to look back and see the daily activities that make this journey easy and the things that don’t. It is day 5 of being sober and I am so pumped for my new life.

Great motivational app.

Doesn’t work well on my iPad, but good overall. Daily motivational quote and pledge. Nice calendar feature noting days sober.

Sober support

The app is easy to use and gives me a clear pic of how long I’ve stayed clean off a variety of substances. I like that it’s versatile like that. I just started doing the pledges and it’s helpful on the daily. My sponsor is often busy so it’s nice to have the daily support. I also like the daily motivation quotes.

Super motivating

This is the best app for tracking and using - I love the inspirational quotes and love just checking out my progress!

Great app

Dopey podcast sent me

Everything I Need.

Sobriety has been a roller coaster for me in my life for seven years. Alcoholism runs in my family and is something that I have tried to “control” for way too long. The beautiful interface is so encouraging, and I wake up every morning looking forward to the days motivational quote that comes with my pledge. I have tried numerous things but this is by far the best. It’s been four days now and I haven’t been this happy in months (maybe even years!) to anyone suffering any addiction, not just with alcohol, definitely give it an honest effort. You will be grateful ❤️


This app is actually really helping

I am sober

This app is really interesting & really helps in the process of rehab & detox 🙂 I would recommend it!!!

It really helps

I have tried pretty much everything but in patient care to quit drinking and this app has helped me more than anything else I have done and soon I hope to be alcohol free! I also quit using tobacco products a few years ago and this has helped me keep track of how much money I’ve saved by not smoking!

Recovery app

I am a struggling alcoholic and have relapsed more then I care to tell. But I have really appreciated this app and the motivation it brings me throughout the day. It also helps to see how much money I have saved everyday not drinking. And tracking my sober days. Thank you for creating this app. I love it.

I Am Responsible

I absolutely love this app. Sometimes it takes a little extra to keep me going. It is insane to see how much money I would have spent on my addictions today had I not been sober. This is a five start app all around!

Love this app!

Perfect addition to my journey!

Where Can I Donate?

This app is a service to society and as such should be free. I can measure the value it has brought to my life directly. Even indirectly, however, it has probably served all of us, for example, by having less people on the road driving under influence or more productivity going around in general. Kinks in design and backend functionality are understandable. As developers, it’s hard to please everyone, and honestly compared to the alternatives, I think the developers did a great job overall. I would love the opportunity to support such efforts and would encourage everyone reading this to do the same.

Hopefully it speaks volumes that I’ve never reviewed an app before

This app is, above all, very encouraging. I honestly love everything about it, from the sobriety tickers to the motivational messages. For me, it would be preferable if the “pills” category were broken down into subcategories like “benzodiazepines” and “opiates”, as I am addicted to both and have varying levels of usage. It is more encouraging to see that I’ve had success in staying away from opiates, rather than restarting the ticker for “pills” because I’ve indulged in a benzo before bed. I also would prefer if I had the option to add more than five addictions to my list. Thank you to the developers for this great tool!


This app lets you rate your day of how easy it was to stay sober. Then the next up you track what you did all day. Like chores and exercising and playing with the dog would you can do a custom for like I did. This lets me see when I have a good day what I did to achieve it. It’s a tougher day I can then go back and see what was bothering me like if I said boredom or alone. This is only A small part of this app. I would recommend it.

Great app

I am so loving this app. It helps me to keep on track and reminds me everyday with the pledge of what I will lose if I drink. Great job to the programmers on this

Thank you!!

I love all the updates!!!! I’ve been using this app for years.


You need Better motivational quotes instead of just ‘yay another day sober‘


It’s nice to open social media platforms and know I have support in my path to cleaner living!🙏

Needs a longest sober streak feature

I’m working on reduction instead of just going cold, and it would be really helpful and motivating to see how long I’ve spent sober vs not in the past couple months. I know I’ve made it a straight two weeks completely sober and it would be nice for the app to remind me of that accomplishment, so I can make it my goal to beat that.

The one app I needed

I would not consider myself an addict. I can survive without alcohol. The issue I was finding was that I would grab liquor or a beer 5/7 days a week without much thought. Not good for health, the wallet or the waistline. This app does not do magic, but it is that one app you need to watch your habits or addictions. I am really happy with it.

Almost perfect!

I love this app and use it daily. I would recommend it to anyone. With that said this app is missing a critical feature. Can you please add an iCloud sync feature? I had to replace my phone today and reinstall the app. In doing so you lose your entire pledge streak. It is sadly gone. Thank you and keep up the good work. Keep the updates flowing.

18 months?

Please add an 18 month milestone. People joke about that one but I feel like it’s really important.

Good app that gives in encouragement

I like this app a great deal. You’re allowed to select what you are addicted to so that it’s not just about alcohol

My Sober life..... It has its ups and downs

The app is GREAT, I Love that it reminds me of my progress and even when some days I may not feel my best, it allows me to vent and talk about my day instead of holding it in


I had to stop drinking and this app is my daily addiction! I just love to be reminded of how long I’ve been sober for! Also, it reminds me of how foolish I was wasting money I didn't have on alcohol ! Just saw the new update and can’t wait to do my 1st days review! THANK YOU GUYS FOR CREATING THIS APP ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Helps with nofap

Do it.

Exactly the right tone. The few features I want it to do and nothing I don’t. Refreshing.


Amazing app


What a cool app great day , year counter on my anniversary and great inspiring quotes everyday

Love it...but a suggestion

I love this app. The design is modern, attractive, and user-friendly, and I love being able to keep track of more than one addiction at once. However, I wish there was a part of the app I could use in times where I am close to breaking sobriety. Sometimes when I feel like using, I think a panel that would help me stay sober in difficult moments would be excellent.

Almost there

Would love to give 5 stars except for two problems. 1. There’s no way to edit the calendar and enter days that you forgot to or didn’t have your phone handy. Once you miss a day recording that you were in fact sober, the app becomes useless because there’s no way to correct this! 2. The feedback link doesn’t work. Keeps asking for Mail to be installed. I tried this but it still gives an error. Need alternate way of providing feedback. Please fix to make this a 5 star app! Thanks!

Keeps me accountable

Love the app and how it helps to track and keep me accountable for reaching my goals. This recent update moved the pledge button to the top. It’s a minor annoyance but on my 8+, it’s a stretch to reach up there and then to reach to the button right after. It was much easier when the button was on the bottom. Please consider moving it back. Again, love the app and thank you personally for creating this app to help me and countless others reach their goals. It’s very good thing you’ve done.

My gold star of encouragement

Every day I look forward to checking in on the app. I take my pledge and get my words of inspiration.


Wish you could have several start dates logged to show streaks, versus everything erasing when you have to make a new start date. For those trying to cutback, It’s kind of a motivator to compete against yourself.

A must for recovery

I give the app six stars. Unlike other sober day counters with tons of distracting ads, this app is clean, minimalistic, with great features like a daily pledge, motivational quote, and milestone counter. I set it to remind me every morning to “make a pledge”. It helped me customize my addiction and reflect my own “why”. It really has helped me stay on track and motivated. I highly recommend it.

love it

this app is simple but extremely effective! i think it’s great that it tracks different aspects of addictions (like cost). i think one improvement would be to add more spaces for chips because i have more than 5 things that i want to keep track of / stay sober from.

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