I Am Sober - Sobriety Counter Recenzje App

Love this app!

The daily pledge is something I look forward to and the end of the day review. It’s the best app out there for really any habit breaking.

A daily reprieve

Sobriety is freedom from the chains of addiction what a blessing🙏👍

Amazing app, super helpful

Thank you to whoever is behind this app because it has really helped me stay sober! Lovely views and its just great and supportive!


Inspirational, Effective


Thank you for taking the time to respond to my comment and thank you for saving the dots!

Lovely and simple

This isn't a cure-all of course. It would be naive to think an app is ever a cure-all. But it's a simple, sweet, nonjudgmental app that allows you to report your progress and hold yourself accountable as much or as little as you want. It also lists local meetings and hooks you up to counselors, though I haven't fully exhausted those options. It's sleek, not too psychologically heavy. Basically it's a nice little tool that serves its purpose and doesn't purport to be more important than it is.

So helpful!

This app has been so useful for me. It’s the little nudge needed to remind myself what I gave up, why, and to keep it up! Being a free app I’ve been purchasing motivation packs to help support its continued development. A couple dollars is nothing in comparison to what I’ve saved. I’d love it if there were an option to randomly select a daily motivation from all the packs in my account. Many thanks!!


This app keeps me on track!!! I love it! ❤️❤️

Great tool

Helped me stay on track with out the pressure of being perfect in my recovery.

Still not working correctly after update

I LOVE this app - I’m writing this review to let the developers know that it still doesn’t update the time counters properly when you leave the app and come back after a day. I have to do a hard close of the app and re-start it to get the counters to update. I’m not sure why it’s having this trouble now, it was fine before. I hope it gets fixed. :)

amazing app ! Must download

this app is life changing . It has amazing milestones you reach a certain goal. It is perfect if your trying to get clean from anything even junk food! Love this app so much and would recommend this to ANYONE ! Definitely download !

I am sober app review

I like how it has a restart button. Also I feel like it’s personalized because I write what I want and why and then I remind myself daily

Fantastic app

I love this app! Very inspiring quotes and motivation!

Latest update

My app is a blank white screen. It wasn’t before.

Bad call

My app was fine until the update, I now after the update have a blank screen. Lame

Update app isn’t working

The new update my app isn’t working now can we get it fixed please

Great app

Great motivation, easy to use, like the latest app. One thing I would like, I am quitting alcohol and tobacco with different spends for time/money: possibly a "total" tab to see how much money and time I've saved from both? Would be cool to visualize on a main page for those with multiple abstentions! Otherwise I love it!

Great app

It helps keep me focused and reminding me of my goal.


I love how it sets a timer and keeps my recovery at the front of my mind and NOT my addiction.

Quitting is hard. Only one star because of that

I like your a m messages. You have given me focus. But honestly believe I need more help! On the other side, can’t say I would accept it if it was actually available. I’m 65 years old, unemployed, what else can I say? One Star because I need to find help !

Needs some editing

I like this app quite a bit only thing is I don’t think support/ motivation should cost extra money and PLEASE fix the amount of characters allowed for “why” you’re quitting. It’s way too short. U should be able to write what you want more than 2 sentences.

App is everything I was looking for

I'm new to the app, but it looks like it has everything I was looking for in an app to help me be successful.


This app has been an amazing tool. I have found it has helped me to stay accountable and helpful throughout my sobriety. I have also recommended it to others within my groups at our outpatient rehab.

This app is awesome!!!!!!!

I’m proud that this app is keeping me accountable for not giving in to the addiction that I have which is porn addiction. And I will hold myself accountable with whatever comes up to my mind when the addiction hits back.

Please add apple watch and widget support

Very nice app, simple and does exactly what i need. Would love it if apple watch and widget are supported!

Money for motivation?

I like the app, I think it’s clean and helpful, however, one thing I noticed bothered me. You’re charging people for motivation packs? I probably shouldn’t be complaining about this because the easiest loophole would to just search up motivational quotes online but still...just seems kind of odd you’re looking to charge consumers for motivation packs when they’re looking to get better. The motivation helps, does it really hurt to just copy and paste motivation from the internet onto the app? You can cite your sources and everything.

Helps me out a lot!

I love the daily motivation cards! I love that they have different card packs to buy, but I wish they had more, I own almost all of them! I wish they had some fun & sarcastic card decks to buy. I really do like that you can add your own activity of what you did that day to stay sober, so if you do something other than what they have listed you can still add it & it counts towards your daily activities. I just wish it had a counter for the amount of money you’ve saved since quitting, it has one for the amount of time you have saved since quitting plus the complete amount time you have sober.

Almost Perfect

Awesome App that has really helped in my sobriety. The only thing that’s missing is the ability to add a milestone picture from your camera roll. That would complete the entire app.

Great addition to my program

Having this App remind you everyday to stay on track is definitely motivation to stay sober. It compliments all the other steps needed daily to stay clean

Update the meetings!!

0 for 2 on meetings/locations Very annoying Bith hadn’t happened at stated locations for over 2 years. Saying the serenity prayer over and over

in app purchases

I can't stand that such a great sobriety app charges you in app purchases for daily motivation packs. Like staying sober isn't hard enough and most of us addicts are broke anyway.


This app is easy & motivating. Thank you whoever made this!

Yes please !

Easy, fun, inspiring, encouraging and simple ! One day at a time 🤗🎉💕

Love this app!

It just keeps getting better and better. Adding a widget to put it in the Notification Center would up the ante even more. Is there a way we can donate to you? I bought the motivation packs, but I don’t feel that’s enough. Keep it up! You’ve helped me and I suggest this app to everyone I know.


Really neat app. It helps, motivates you to stay sober.

So far so good

I like the app so far and the daily motivation.

So worth it!

This is very crucial for anyone who is starting their journey or has been sober. Great quotes of the day. It’s beautifully done.

Life Saver

This app is perfect. It serves to help keep me be accountable. It checks in with me in the morning and evening with positive reinforcement. Design ed with what is most useful and not cluttered. I love it.

Thank you so much!

I’m so grateful I downloaded this app the day after I began my sobriety. I make a pledge daily, then it is followed by a beautiful motivational quote. I look forward to logging the details of my day by the end of every day. It’s helpful to look back and see the daily activities that make this journey easy and the things that don’t. It is day 5 of being sober and I am so pumped for my new life.

Great motivational app.

Doesn’t work well on my iPad, but good overall. Daily motivational quote and pledge. Nice calendar feature noting days sober.

Sober support

The app is easy to use and gives me a clear pic of how long I’ve stayed clean off a variety of substances. I like that it’s versatile like that. I just started doing the pledges and it’s helpful on the daily. My sponsor is often busy so it’s nice to have the daily support. I also like the daily motivation quotes.

Super motivating

This is the best app for tracking and using - I love the inspirational quotes and love just checking out my progress!

Great app

Dopey podcast sent me

Everything I Need.

Sobriety has been a roller coaster for me in my life for seven years. Alcoholism runs in my family and is something that I have tried to “control” for way too long. The beautiful interface is so encouraging, and I wake up every morning looking forward to the days motivational quote that comes with my pledge. I have tried numerous things but this is by far the best. It’s been four days now and I haven’t been this happy in months (maybe even years!) to anyone suffering any addiction, not just with alcohol, definitely give it an honest effort. You will be grateful ❤️


This app is actually really helping

I am sober

This app is really interesting & really helps in the process of rehab & detox 🙂 I would recommend it!!!

It really helps

I have tried pretty much everything but in patient care to quit drinking and this app has helped me more than anything else I have done and soon I hope to be alcohol free! I also quit using tobacco products a few years ago and this has helped me keep track of how much money I’ve saved by not smoking!

Recovery app

I am a struggling alcoholic and have relapsed more then I care to tell. But I have really appreciated this app and the motivation it brings me throughout the day. It also helps to see how much money I have saved everyday not drinking. And tracking my sober days. Thank you for creating this app. I love it.

I Am Responsible

I absolutely love this app. Sometimes it takes a little extra to keep me going. It is insane to see how much money I would have spent on my addictions today had I not been sober. This is a five start app all around!

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