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I Am Sober - Sobriety Counter

4.4 ( 1824 ratings )
Livsstil Sundhed & Fitness
Forfatter: Hungry Wasp LLC

I Am Sober is a sobriety counter that encourages you to stay sober.

• Sober Clock
Track the hours, minutes, and seconds of how long youve been sober.

• Sobriety Calculator
Tracks how much money or time you’ll be saving by not drinking alcohol (or using your drug of choice).

• Reach New Milestones
Get special notifications when you reach key milestones like 7 days or 1 month. Add a memorable photo for each milestone you achieve and save it for personal reference or share it with your friends and family.

• Make A Daily Pledge
Staying sober means you take things one day at a time. Now every day you can make a pledge to stay sober and track those pledges on a calendar.

• Get Daily Motivation
Reinforce your journey with daily achievement notifications that keep you focused on the path to recovery.

• Customize Your Experience
Choose the drug (or drugs) youre hooked on and track your progess on each. Set your start date and when to receive your daily notification time.

Recovering from addiction isnt easy, so utilize the I Am Sober companion app to keep you motivated on your road to recovery.