I Am Sober - Sobriety Counter App Reviews

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This app along with counselling and the Recovery Elevator podcast helped me finally get sober.

Great App - New update so great

Guys Ive used this app forever. Thanks so much for finally updating! I wish there were six stars to give.

Much better

The main screen is much better. I like the focus on length of sobriety while being able to see days to next milestone. The savings thing still doesnt interest me. It would be great to be able to customize the main screen and select which tiles are wanted. I still dont get trying to make the app "social". That seems to contradict the whole anonymous aspect of AA et al. But I could just be a curmudgeon. With all that I do like the app as my sobriety calendar. Four stars.

A little pricey but...

.. The most recent update? Clownish. Im out.

Love the new Update

The new update is awesome and the daily motivation keep me focused on my sobriety. To stay so sober, you really need to take it one day at a time and this app is a perfect solution! Thank you so much!!!! My life is so much better

The best Sobriety app there is.

The new update is fantastic.

Love it

Love this app specially with the daily quotes of motivation!!

Nice app

This app would be better if I could keep track of more than one thing. For instance, I quit drugs two years ago and alcohol 2 months ago, i would like to track both. Cigarettes too.

Simple but effective

I like this app. Im tracking my sobriety for something other than alcohol so it is nice that it is so simply. Adapts to everything. The only improvement for me would be to display the number of days on the icon directly.


Nice reminder each day. Classy milestone wallpapers.

Best in Class

I couldnt really ask for a better app to track my Sobriety, the milestones are nice too and the app at this point has no ads, which is great. Five Stars

Excellent App

Ive been looking for something exactly like this online! Maybe bonuses like affirmations or a daily reflections. I dont know but really great app overall!

Nice sap

Its a handy wish it had minutes hours running time it would look amazing


...but as someone has mentioned I would too like to see a hours and minutes count ... I think it would be motivating

Sweet app

Now I realize how much of a drunk Iam thanks

When you need help

Great apps to give you the support when you want to stop

Not sure

Its not exactly accurate. I got sober before I got pregnant, and it says Ive been sober for 7 months and Im almost 36 weeks pregnant. But its a cute app.

Great app

Its nice to have the daily reminders. Thanks

Unsupported app.

Apps notifications dont work. Tried to contact support but no communication options are provided.

Doesnt work!

Disappointed the app does not work as advertised.

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